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Paws Up Radio has a Teamspeak

Guess what listeners. Have you ever wanted to just hang out and talk to your favorite DJ's on the radio? Paws Up Radio has a teamspeak for its staff to do just that. The staff of PUR like to just hang around, chit chat and play multi-player video games all day long. We invite our listeners to come on the PUR Teamspeak to hang out with us. We play a plethora of free multi-player internet games like Dungeons and Dragons Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Second Life, and many other. We also play "paid" video games like World of Warcraft, Eve Online, Star Trek Online, Champions and several more. Just come on the Teamspeak and join in. The teamspeak program is free. You can get it at http://www.teamspeak.com for free. Remember to get teamspeak 3.

Before you come on our teamspeak we do ask for some conciderations. Our goal is for everyone (staff and listeners) to enjoy their time on our teamspeak. We want our guests to have fun, chill, relax, unwind with conversation, video games and great music. Please keep these rules in mind so that we may accomplish this goal.

1) No Tolerance

We have people from several backgrounds on our teamspeak. Everyone is welcome on our teamspeak with a clean slate to start. Please refrain from usage of racial, sexual, relgious slurs and put downs of any kind. We will not take kindly to drama either. Please either keep drama off the teamspeak or go to a different channel.

2) Respect

We ask that you afford respect to everyone weather you like them or not. Show respect. We ask that you do not make other people on our teamspeak feel bad about themselves or in some way feel inferior to yourself. We will not allow anyone to feel unwelcome.

3) Push To Talk

If you have alot of background noise or talk to people on other chat programs we do require that you use push-to-talk. Conversations can get muddled and confusing if you are talking to someone that is not on teamspeak and we can hear you doing it. So please use push-to-talk. If you can't figure out how to use it, please ask in the main lobby of our teamspeak and someone will help walk you through it.

4) Bring it!

Please don't be shy on our teamspeak. We can understand not wanting to say much around new people on the first go, but at least say hello. We do encourage you to have fun on our teamspeak. The PUR TS usuals are very random and diverse. We talk about everything under the sun. The only subjects that are taboo is that we do not want to hear about any illegal activity that you may or may not have engaged in. Join in the conversation, bring interesting topics, feel free to jump in at any time. Just remember that if another person askes you not to speak of a subject around them, we ask that you comply. You are welcome to drag the person you were talking to in another channel to continue that conversation.

Keep in mind that we do give lots of chances. There is no three strikes and your out with us. If we do have too many complaints on several occassions then we do reserve the right to ask you to leave and not come back. That all being said, please go download the teamspeak 3 program and come have some fun with PUR!

Once you have the program installed and launched it's easy to get on our teamspeak.

Click connections.
Click connect.
Input address and port (obtain these by contacting Anora at [email protected])
Choose a name for yourself.
Click the connect button.


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