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Character Name:

Staff Designation: SawGunner

Status: DJ in Training

SL Status: Does not currently play.

     Position in Station

DJ, Advertisements

     Music Genre

     Teeth, Claws and Fur

Anthro Red Dragon male herm shifter. Mostly red with yellow scales on the tummy and bottoms of paws and inside of the wings. SPends most of the time as a dragon. Can shift into a bull, horse, rabbit, skunk, otter and gryphon.

     My Place in the PUR Family

Looking for a new experience in online radio DJing, as well as offering a disc jockey has had quite a vast collection of lesser played music as well as classic songs that people enjoy. At the same time using sound effects and samples to enhance the mood of the show. I\\\\\\\

     Real Life

Former military, lives in Louisiana but originally from New Jersey, 31, engaged, has been DJing online for over 3 years, has written and recorded songs as well as been in 3 bands. Enjoys cooking, classic rock trivia, Industrial/goth culture, horror movies, and comedy. Radio inspirations are: Digital Gunfire, WFMU 91.1 Jersey City, Howard Stern, The Sub Genius Hour of Slack, DJ Stevie Van Zant