On Air:



Character Name: Inferniel Solvang

Staff Designation: Inferniel

Status: Co-Owner and Webmaster

Second Life Name: Inferniel Solvang

     Position in Station

DJ, Tech Support, Forum Admin

     Music Genre


     Teeth, Claws and Fur

Mainly, a cute orange tiger in biker leather. Actually, a tiger in any form wearing biker leather. Inferniel likes the Egyptian style as well and has incorperated an ankh on his collar with gold wings and spiked collars on his wrists, ankles and tail.

     My Place in the PUR Family

A love for music and an outlet for pent up anxiety, dj'ing on the radio is much fun and gives me a way to share with others the music that hits me.

     Real Life

Inferniel grew up in the New Orleans area. Mardi Gras can never be beat as far as parties or celebrations go and the food in New Orleans is absolutely breath taking. It is true what we say in New Orleans, "Elsewhere, they eat to live, but in New Orleans we live to eat."