On Air:


Fox Techno

Character Name:

Staff Designation: Fox Techno

Status: DJ in Training

Second Life Name: Fox Frakture

     Position in Station


     Music Genre

Techno , Abstract, Rave

     Teeth, Claws and Fur

Skunk Anthro male, Blue and red. Blue main under belly,blue arms fur. Red face up to the snout. Nose. Blue ears, red in bits.Red stripe down back and trough the long fluffy tail. Light blue marks on arms Green eyes .31 year old.

     My Place in the PUR Family

Been a Second Life dj for 4 years now in different clubs, love to branch out more , play to the masses , love playing new music, new or old classic Techno trance ETC, meeting up and chatting.

     Real Life

Looking for Friends. And chatting Techno And Dance Music maker, also into Digital art,Into okami loads,