On Air:



Character Name: Brittney Destiny Snowpaw

Staff Designation: Brittney

Status: DJ

Second Life Name: babywolfpup Resident

     Position in Station


     Music Genre


     Teeth, Claws and Fur

is on a Google Doc here is a link to it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ThKRHV42u75Mx9hdnYjCDAyIEKhcK8dPrhj1ILZuY2g/edit?usp=sharing

     My Place in the PUR Family

Anora Peart on SL talked to me about the radio station and we were introduced by morephine on SL. I am a DJ on SL and looking to expand my horizons. Contct me on Skype just look up [email protected] and you'll find me ^^.

     Real Life

I am a US Army Vet. that is Transgender MTF, currently in the process of transitioning. I am a sweet and gentle person who is always nice and respectful to everyone. the only exception to that is if someone attacks me or my friends and family. i Protect my own.