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Friday Night Tech

Time: 4pm
Day: Friday
Email: [email protected]

Description: "Do you have nothing to do on Friday? Girlfriend or boyfriend stood you up? Feeling a little lonely? Do you want something to do, that's conveniently placed at 8PM EST? Wondering why we're asking you all of these strange questions that you could never truly answer? Then you want The Friday Night Tech Show." -- ..::XANA::.. Creations

Check out the Friday Night Tech website.


Time: 4pm
Day: Saturday
Email: [email protected]

Description: "Would you like to partake in a radio show during which it's considered quite an admirable action to lose sight of the topic at hand? Do you have an unusual regard towards anthropomorphism? Are you intrigued by a culture based on just that concept? Would you relish the opportunity to occupy yourself with a cybernetically transmitted audio stream that, with single intent, vocally converses on the exact affairs of public inter-networking culture, lifestyle, and personal spirituality? Are you wondering why we are utilizing highly complicated contextually phrased questions with which to describe the manner of this broadcast? Then behold, we implore you to direct yourself towards FurCast forthwith." -- ..::XANA::.. Creations

Check out the Furcast website.

Random Encounter

Time: pm
Email: [email protected]

Description: Hello Everyone! I'm just your average cheetah/fox here to play you some music. I haven't been around in ages, but i'm certainly not new to the game. I hope you can catch me at some point and give me a listen! If there is anyone out there that wants to hear more, send me a message if you want me to appear somewhere for a show.

The Sinister Show

Time: 6pm to 8pmpm
Day: Sunday and Monday
Email: [email protected]

Description: Hello! names Mark Smith, but you can call me Sinister Smith, gonna be playing some music, doing a few talk shows! I'm a little new so if I make a few mistakes then pardon me, but I promise I will show you a good time! Not in that way.. I knew what you were thinking.. If you don't have anything to do on your Sunday or Monday nights, or you just need a little boost because its the start of the week, Tune in! I'm only here to help you out!


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