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Application for Paws Up Radio

We at Paws Up Radio (PUR) are looking for hard working, dedicated, fun loving furries and fur lovers to perform, play music, make fools of themselves, and do much more in the name of ENTERTAINMENT. We are also looking for supporting staff that would love to help in the background. There are many tasks DJ's cannot accomplish in order to bring great entertainment to the masses. That's where you come in. We need your help.

Please fill out the following form. When submitted, it will be sent to our Personnel department. You will be contacted by a Personnel Agent.

Important: All information collected here is private and only used by Paws Up Radio to determine your qualifications for joining our staff.

For your application to be concidered, please give serious and clear answers to all required questions in bold print. Failure to do so will result in automatic denial of employement. Also, because Paws Up Radio is a mature radio station, you must be 18 years of age or within 3 months of turning 18 for us to consider your application.

Thank you,
Inferniel Solvang
Co-owner of PUR and Head of PUR Technical Support

Personal Info

1) Furry/Character Name*

2) Email*

3) Phone Number (optional)

4) SecondLife Name (optional)

5) Are you over 18 years of age?*

6) Why do you want to join Paws Up Radio?*

7) Please tell us about your Fursona. (Optional)

8) Please tell us about your Real Life. (Optional)


This section is to help us determine when to have meetings for all staff. If applying to be a dj, it helps us to put you on the schedule, if you are accepted to the staff. Please do not leave any blank.

9) Time Zone*

10) Monday*

11) Tuesday*

12) Wednesday*

13) Thursday*

14) Friday*

15) Saturday*

16) Sunday*


17) Have you applied to PUR before?*

18) If yes, what name did you apply with?

19) Do you currently work for or have you worked for PUR?*

20) If yes, under what name were you employed by PUR?

21) Please Select a Job*


22) Desired DJ Name*

23) What is your connection speed in megs?*
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download speed

24) How many hours of music do you have?*

25) How many mp3's do you have?*

26) Experience*

Events Coordinator

22) Desired Staff Name*

23) Event Coordinator Experience*

Public Relations

22) Desired Staff Name*

23) Public Relations Experience*


22) Desired Staff Name*

23) Advertisements Experience*


22) Desired Staff Name*

23) Productions Experience*


22) Desired Staff Name*

23) Personnel Experience*

Technical Support

22) Desired Staff Name*

23) Technical Support Experience*


22) Desired Staff Name*

23) Marketing Experience*

Art Development

22) Desired Staff Name*

23) Art Experience*

Surveys and Polls

22) Desired Staff Name*

23) Surveys and Polls Experience*

Show Crew

22) Desired Staff Name*

23) Show Crew Experience*

News Caster

22) Desired Staff Name*

23) News Caster Experience*

Talk Show Host

22) Desired Staff Name*

23) Talk Show Host Experience*


22) Desired Staff Name*

23) Interviewer Experience*



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