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About Paws Up Radio

Paws Up Radio (PUR) is an internet based radio station that is run for furries and furry lovers. PUR was founded by Anora Peart, Buzzard Schuman, and Inferniel Solvang in October of 2010. PUR has registered and acquired a license in Canada since 2010 and has been a legal internet radio station under Canadian Law.

In the past 4 years, Paws Up Radio has gained many fans and maintains a pressence on SecondLife, Facebook, Twitter and Furry4Life and always looking to spread to more places. We have entertained the furs at Fernando's during Anthrocon in Pittsburgh in 2012 and 2013. Recently FurLaxation has become our home con.

From its early days, PUR has been friends with Xana Creations with a Simulcast of Furcast and Friday Night Tech. We have friends all over and are on a look out for more friends. If you want to be friends of PUR, just ask. Send an email to [email protected] and tell us you want to be our friend.

In July of 2014, Wren Mikita came aboard as the fourth owner of PUR and the station has begun a restoration as we recruit new DJ's, talk shows, newscasters, interview shows and podcasts. The owners of PUR have big plans for the station coming in the near future. We have even opened a page on FurAffinity, FurNation and SoFurry. PUR is also the official station of FurNation in Secondlife.

Paws Up Radio is not in competition with anyone or any radio station. We invite other furry radio stations to join us in becoming a hub of entertainment for the Furry Fandom and those that love furries. We are in it to please the listeners!

Paws Up Radio has already become bigger than what the owners had hoped. We have lasted four years despite others not believing we could. You know what, not only could we, WE DID! And we will keep doing! PUR has come a long way and we plan to go further. Tune in and listen up because PUR is here to stay!


JUST Tune in and PUR!


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